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John’s background includes stints as the owner of his own typesetting company, which serviced the Hollywood entertainment community. Moving from traditional typesetting to desktop publishing, John has been an acknowledged leader in electronic prepress.

John served in the technology department of the GTS Companies, the educational publishing division of TechBooks, Inc., for over 10 years. He played a key role in creating PDF based CD-ROMs for the Academy of Motion ­Picture Arts and Sciences, Mosby, and McGraw-Hill, among others.

As PDF became a format for Computer-to-Plate, John headed GTS’s team that developed PDF-based workflows, and continued to update and improve those systems, aligning the company’s campuses in York, PA; Boston, MA; Fairfax, VA; and New Delhi, India. He has worked with publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Harcourt, Pearson, Thomson, and printers such as R.R. Donnelley and Quebecor on standards for 4-color print production. He has served on technical committees for several educational publishers on issues such as PDF and XML. John is the author of several articles, and a regular speaker on PDF issue in the publishing/printing industries at PDF Conference, GraphExpo and Seybold Seminars.

In addition, John has served on the Electronic Prepress Users Group (EPUG) steering committee of PIA/SC, and currently serves as a director of Pomona Heritage as well as a trustee of the Pomona Fox Corporation

About our services

In addition to consulting with printers and prepress professionals on workflows and automation techniques, we offer the following production services. If you don't see what you need, please contact us .

Total print

  • print project management
  • crisis management
  • press checks
  • output proofing

Electronic publishing

  • pdf creation
  • file transfer
  • internet ordering
  • web site design
  • remote proofing
  • eBooks


  • digital editing
  • scanning
  • color proofing
  • editing
  • Corporate
  • forms
  • stationery
  • envelopes
  • business cards
  • business forms
  • checks
  • labels


  • ad development
  • corporate identity
  • brochures & catalogs
  • web design
  • copywriting
  • editing


  • manuals
  • financial reports
  • bound books
  • binders

Promotional printing

  • direct mail
  • point of purchase
  • promotional sheets
  • product announcements
  • newsletters
  • corporate brochures
  • identity packages
  • presentation folders
  • invitations
  • real estate flyers
  • tribute books
  • catalogs (including database driven catalogs)

Internet / Web

  • web site scoping/development
  • .ASP, ASP.NET, or Javascript programming
  • name registry and maintenance
  • database integration
  • PayPal or other fulfillment integration
  • shopping carts
  • internet commerce
  • (e-commerce)




John was a resource for me, for our clients, and for many industry organizations. Not to be minimized is his keen awareness of costs and his ability to positively affect them.

John has excellent communication skills. His professional demeanor translates to exceptional interpersonal skills with co-workers, clients, and management.

If my words above don’t adequately convey my thoughts, in three words, John is special.”

Bennett Derman
Owner, CEO
The GTS Companies, retired

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